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Are You Living the Life You Dreamed?

Take this simple, yet revealing personal assessment for powerful reasons why you should JOIN a Presence Coaching Limitless Living Group TODAY.



Why Presence Coaching is the Solution

Like most of us, limited, wrong, or twisted thinking about yourself, others, the past and existing circumstances has kept you stuck in old patterns of behavior and habits. You may have even tried self-help or counseling, but you still can't make the move across an invisible divide to a life of Limitless Living.

Now you can bridge that divide with Presence Coaching’s Limitless Living Groups. These small groups are a powerful alliance between you, other peers, and a Presence Coaching Life Strategist who engages Christ-powered wisdom and spiritual disciplines to catapult you into life-long transformed living.

Coaching as a profession recognizes the incredible capability of a person to reinvent themselves—to change behaviors and habits, expand perspectives, and transform the understanding and experience of their life. A Presence Coaching relationship propels you forward with power and purpose by making the application of Truth and spiritual disciplines the central focus, alongside encouragement, challenge, accountability, and celebration.


Limitless Living Groups

What Our Clients Say

  • “I haven’t recommended any specific counselors, but I’ve always been impressed with Presence Coaching. Much of their work happens in small group conference calls rather than costly weekends of group intensives. The small and doable beats an expensive memory, although sometimes a couple does need to get away from other influences to hash things out.” -̶ "Relationships for Nurses” by Nick Angelis, CRNA, MSN, © 2018 GG Press

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