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EQ Training for Coaches: Mon & Thurs PM

EQ Training for Coaches: Mon & Thurs PM

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It’s Not Training. It’s Learning…By Practice.

EQ for Coaches

EQ for Coaches

This class meets via conference call on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00-9:00PM (central) for 6 weeks.

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Uniquely Designed for Maximum Learning

•      EQ Training for Coaches is a 24-hour Practicum architected for practical experience and application, setting it apart from an “attend-and-put-on-a-shelf” workshop, “run-of-the-mill” classroom training, or “stagnant” conferences.

•      This layer-by-layer approach accelerates learning with easily digestible “learn-and-use” bites, and not simply the dissemination of information and/or theory.

•      Ideal class size is 5-9 participants to enable maximum interaction and skills practice.

•      It is planned as a “low-tech” interface with the intent of minimizing distractions that subconsciously hinder listening and learning, and sharpening dormant mental acuity.

•      12 two-hour sessions are held virtually via conference call, providing ease and flexibility for participation.

•      The pace of two sessions per week over 6 weeks is ideal for maintaining momentum.

•      EQ Training for Coaches is designed out of the experience of a 20+ year career immersed in all levels of leadership, business strategy, human resources, leadership development and coaching.

•      EQ Training for Coaches brings understanding of how Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Skills overlap and connect.

Aggressive Learning Objectives

•      Emotional Intelligence: Practicing movement from self-awareness, to emotional management, to emotional connection for personal and leadership effectiveness.

•      Brain Science: Minimize blind spots and increase mental mastery by understanding mindset, recognizing personal brain activity, and overcoming the “games” the brain plays.

•      Coaching Skills: Acquiring basic coaching skills for leadership effectiveness.

Comprehensive Content

  • Kick-off Session
  • Coach Your Brain to Be S-M-A-R-T (12 sessions):
    • Emotional Intelligence: Includes a EI360 Feedback Survey and Leadership Assessment
    • Brain Science and Mindset: Includes a Mindset Audit
    • Coaching Skills

Cost includes: (Payment plans are available. Contact us.)

Participant Manual
EI360 Feedback Survey
Leadership Assessment
Mindset Audit

Additional Reading Materials:
Taming Your Gremlin
The Outward Mindset
Leadership and Self-Deception
The Anatomy of Peace