Tricia Exman @ 7am CST - (F)

coach tricia exmanThis Laser Group is a 3-month membership that meets two times monthly via conference call on Fridays at 7am CST. New groups launch every February, May, and August. Upon joining the group, Coach Tricia will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


The biggest battle to success as an entrepreneur takes place between your own two ears! Mindset is everything! In this group we will learn to focus on and consistently apply six powerful principles to propel your business or ministry forward. These six principles help you form a mental framework that will enable you to pay attention to what matters on a daily basis. Whether you are just launching, or are established and want to accelerate your growth, understanding and practically applying these principles will strengthen your mindset to persevere and reach your highest goals. Let's get to work on growing our minds!

Duration: 1 month
Price: $36.00