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Laser Groups IconThis Laser Group is a 2-month membership that meets via conference call on Mondays at 6pm CST. New groups launch every January, March, May, July, and September. Upon joining the group, Coach Michael will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


Simon Sinek’s premise, in his book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action (Sinek 2009), is that when a business has a clear and compelling Why they exist, How they accomplish their mission and What they provide or produce is more meaningful for everyone, to include the customer. In addition to Why, How and What Lex Sisney believes companies should know Who they serve. “The truth is that great organizations build their core ideology by first defining and reinforcing Who they serve and the customer problem or need that they solve in the marketplace. Then they address and reinforce Why they exist, then How they go about their mission, and finally What they do.” (Sisney 2013)

As I pondered how I was going to ask my coaching clients powerful questions about their personal and business ideology I began to wonder if the Greatest Leader Ever, God (Jehovah) had a Who, Why, How and What. I asked him, “I am not imposing Simon’s and Lex’s business ideology on you, but I am wondering, do you have a Who, Why, How and What?” His response has led me on a wonderful journey of understanding him better, loving him deeper and wanting to know him more than ever.

Walk with me and let’s explore Why everything starts with Jehovah’s Why, What he wants, Who he wants to have it and How he has and is making it possible to experience What he wants. Let’s discover together How God inspires us to take action to embrace his What because of his Why and your personal How, Why, How and What.

Week 1, Get to know each other and lay out the path we are going to take together.

Week 2, Focus on the Big Who, Jehovah.  Who is he, what are his character traits.

Week 3, Focus on Jehovah’s Who.

Week 4, Focus on Jehovah’s Why. What motivates him.

Week 5, Focus on What Jehovah wants, what outcome is he most passionate about?

Week 6, Focus on Jehovah’s How. How is Jehovah making it possible (past, present and future) for Who to receive/experience What his Why wants them to have.

Week 7, Create and refine your Who and Why.

Week 8, Determine your next best step with Jehovah.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $65.00