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"Embracing one's personal history allows for limitless freedom of healthy expression, and the ability to overcome a main requirement needed for continued growth: Self-Acceptance."
                                                                                 - Katie Stuckas, "Your Story" Coach

The Muse Within...
Look deep into an existence, beyone the broken shell
Search the crevice of this soul for signs of 'show and tell'
There lies a treasure just beneath her palette of crimson hues
To catch a glimpse, one only needs to wake the sleeping muse
The muse that lives within this flesh is not without a verse
She does not need approval or permission to rehearse
She simply waits for those to come who hold the golden pen
For that's the key, the token charm, to stir the muse within
Once blended with her crimson lot the pen can now delight
For all the treasures buried deep spring up as she recites
Like cresting waves of reckless flow unearthing buried truths
This scribe now sees your story that exists within her muse...
                                                Copyright 8/18/11 KMS

Imagine your life's story is now a best-selling book. What would the summary read like? What about the table of contents? What about the introduction? Are you living out of your past, or your present? How do you think other people are reading your life, even now?

"Your Story" is a legacy of lasting impressions and permanent footprints in the sand of those who will follow after you, and those who are walking with you now. "Your Story" is unique, and just like everyone else, you have a story to share. We are all living Epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2), currently living out our stories for everyone to 'read.'

But, what about those regrets, Katie? What about those mistakes? Yes, I hear you; but let me ask you this: What about those second chances, and even third chances? What about that redemption, that forgiveness, that grace? What if the next page of "Your Story" is a chance to write a new beginning that will lead to a different conclusion? A captivating story is truly a page-turner. We can't change what was, but we can change the outcome of that 'was.' No matter what "Your Story" has revealed, is revealing, or will reveal, it's "Your Story."

As "Your Story" Coach, I will help you outline, fine-tune, and refine all the narratives of your life that make up "Your Story." Let your lasting legacy be a living testament to all who will experience "Your Story."

Duration: 1 month
Price: $65.00