Katie Stuckas @ 7am CST - (Su)

2 4582579292This Journey Group is an on-going, monthly membership that meets 2 times each month via conference call on Sundays at 7am CST. Upon joining the group, Coach Katie will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


We all deal with stress. We all deal with fear. I can share from personal experience that both stress and fear can wear on the mind, heart and body if not lassoed in and managed appropriately. 
That said, fighting to stay in rest can be both difficult AND evasive, given today’s chaotic and tumultuous times.
In this group gathering, we will focus our attention on the Elements of rest, the Actions of rest, and the Timings of rest, or EAT.
Why the acronym EAT? Simply put, this group will EAT on the word of God, while learning the importance of resting in Him during difficult times. 
His word tells us to ‘search out’ a matter, search for the hidden things; Rest is very much a hidden treasure, that can only be found by feasting on His promises through the truth of His word.
Come join us, as we dive deeper into His marvelous REST. Matthew 11:28-29

Duration: 1 month
Price: $34.00