Tricia Exman @ 7pm CST - (Su)

coach tricia exmanThis Laser Group is a 8-month membership that meets twice monthly via conference call on Sundays at 7pm CST. New groups launch every February. Upon joining the group, Coach Tricia will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


How is it possible that scripture instructs us to exert ourselves, work as hard as we can, even strive to enter God's rest? That's a paradox if I've ever heard of one! What is this rest you have to work to attain? It must be something different than any type of rest we've experienced in this world. Few people ever find this deeper rest we all instinctively know exists.

Welcome to EdenQuest! This is a rest "intensive" — a guided group into discovering what this rest truly is and how we transform our lives into experiences and expressions of it. We will utilize the book "Twisted Truths" and the companion EdenQuest Coaching Videos as our resources. Group participants will receive a free download of "Twisted Truths" as an interactive mobile appBook.

Watch this personal invitation from Coach Tricia.


EdenQuest Part 1 is a pre-requisite for this group.

Part 2 is about training the soul toward a mature level of self-control through vulnerability and waiting.

An unwavering soul is one that is not shaken by circumstances outside of its control. It has the ability to remain still in the midst of chaos, waiting patiently for clarity to come. It is never rushed or hurried by external or internal pressures. Its emotions are not inappropriate for the context of a situation. It has learned to ride out the storms of life without absorbing, or contributing to, the agitation around it.

Why is such serenity so elusive? Well, the ability to maintain a non-reactive, non-impulsive state of being depends on a steely inner balance, and such equilibrium requires control. Most people work diligently to control what is going on around them in an effort to create peace. Soul balance, however, is about inner Self-control, with is an all-together different mastery. And that peace is with you at all times regardless of what may be swirling around you.

We've got work to do, so let's get started!

Duration: 1 month
Price: $36.00