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Journey Groups IconThis Journey Group is an on-going, monthly membership that meets via conference call on Thursdays at 6pm CST. Upon joining the group, Coach Michael will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


Imagine inviting Jesus to reside in your home. He has your favorite drink ready in the morning as he waits for you in your peaceful place to be with you. He helps you do the laundry, prepare meals, interpret world events and blesses you as you head to bed each night. One morning he is waiting for you in the hallway standing near the closet door. You immediately know what he is thinking and what you need to do. This closet is where you hide to avoid fear, shame and condemnation. Jesus asks you to open the door. You take the only key from around your neck, unlock the pad lock and open the door. You are standing next to him as you both look into the closet. There’s a small metal folding chair, a few things on the shelf and a string hanging from the light above. This closet is actually at the very center of your home. Jesus asks, “will you invite me to enter this space and give me permission to sit on that chair?” You are afraid and excited, you hate this space, its where you cower in fear and imagine all the worst possible outcomes for everything. But, you know Jesus loves you, wants what’s best for you and has already made some wonderful changes throughout your home since you invited him to stay with you. You look into his compassionate understanding eyes and say, “I invite you to enter my closet and sit on my chair” When his second step crosses the threshold he becomes glorious and his radiance destroys everything. All you see is him seating on a throne in the middle of your home.  

Continue to imagine with me that your home is actually your heart. That small dark closet contained the seat of authority of your life. You are amazed and overwhelmed, Jesus is sitting on the throne of your life. Wonderful. As you gaze at the beauty of Jesus you begin to see how clearly, he is also your Father. You remember Cru’s Four Spiritual Laws and realize you completed that process. But, just as you finish that thought you hear Father say, “do you want to sit on my lap?” Really, Father God is asking me to sit on his lap as he sits on the throne of my life. Heck Ya! Father catches you mid leap and pulls you close, you can hear his heart beating.

Let’s sit on Father Jehovah’s lap together, to get to know him better, surrender the remaining dark sinful places of our hearts to him and receive his heart for the nations.

Note: The above thoughts are inspired by the booklet 'My Heart Christ's Home, The Four Spiritual Laws' and personal experience.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $60.00