Tricia Exman @ 7:30pm CST - (Tu)

coach tricia exmanThis Laser Group is an 8-month membership that meets twice monthly via conference call on Tuesdays at 7:30pm CST. New groups launch every January. Upon joining the group, Coach Tricia will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


It is no easy task to walk this earth and find peace. Inside of us, it would seem, something is at odds with the very rhythm of things, and we are forever restless, dissatisfied, frustrated and aching. We are so overcharged with desire that it is hard to come to simple rest.

Ronald Rolheiser

A soul that is at peace in the midst of great chaos is a paradox in this world. Consider Jesus asleep in a storm-tossed boat while His disciples were fearing for their very lives. Jesus’ repose definitely did not seem normal to them!

We can all agree that our world is in great chaos in our times. If we are being intellectually honest, we have to acknowledge the truth that what is in the world has been created by us – in our humanity. That tells us there is great chaos within us! A calm soul is a blessing in our hectic, chaotic world. We can observe how coveted this peace is by the massive use of medications and substances to acquire it. Those means, however, only provide a temporary and counterfeit peace. What we need are healthy ways to cultivate sustained inner peace.

Every soul that becomes a vessel of peace carries the power to transform the world around them. Becoming peace may be one of our greatest contributions. Let’s begin.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $36.00