Tricia Exman @ 7:30pm CST - (W)

coach tricia exmanThis Laser Group is a 2-month membership that meets twice monthly via conference call on Wednesdays at 6pm CST. New groups launch every January, April, and August. Upon joining the group, Coach Tricia will contact you with all the pertinent information to connect with the group.


What is reconciliation -- really? How do we maintain true, deep, lasting reconciliation of things in our lives?

Come enjoy a month of experiencing reconciliation the way God the Father does it. You will be enlightened with new perspectives and understanding, and equipped to use tools you already possess in new ways to keep your heart, soul, and mind free of walls that block the flow of life and love.

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"The Lord has really spoken to me throughout our time together. This programme is so rich with principles. This is powerful and much needed in the Body of Christ to bring healing not condemnation, acceptance not rejection, and forgiveness (grace) not punishment. Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Tricia for being our guide on this journey. It's been amazing."
--Felicia, Barbados

"I have been absolutely thrilled about these coaching sessions. I wasn't too sure what a lifestyle of reconciliation was all about, but was excited to find out. As you took us deeper into your vision, it began to unfold and take root. I have taken the meditations seriously and have begun the practice on my own as well.

The best part is that I can see reconciliation much clearer now in my every day life. Not only do I experience it from God, but I've become more aware to do so with others and myself.

Thank you for the time you've put in developing and establishing this in us."
--Ekom, NC

"I want to thank you for the reconciliation sessions you facilitated. It was timely and impacted my life! I have already been led to do some things with my sons and need grace and wisdom on how to proceed. Again I can't thank you enough Tricia for the things that were brought out in the sessions and the vision experiences. Glory to God! Very excellent experience. I praise God for this time with you and all the others that joined!"
--Dennis, Vietnam

"We appreciate so much the opportunity to be part of A Reconciliation Lifestyle group! The imagery of the chains entwined and removed was very powerful. I'm still processing about the accounts receivables and payables in my life. Living in Christ's freedom has always been a deeply held goal, and I think this group helped bring more clarity as to what that would look like in my life."
--Linda, Vietnam

"I have new language to help me identify if I have an expectation or an attitude toward what I am doing or did. Then I can take 'dis' appointments, (which were perhaps not 'appointments' in the first place) and other 'dis's' to the Lord and offer grace, mercy, forgiveneess. I have new language to reframe what I do and why I do it...I get to! I want to! I freely give this! I look forward to expecting less and less and to be expectant at what the Lord is doing, in me, in others, more and more. Thank you, Tricia and everyone. Your presence, your conversation and your words were so beneficial to me!"
--Cassidy, TX

"The Lord used this to equip me to walk with a stronger foundation for the future by sorting through what was mine to let go of and what was [others' that] they never gave me. It's like a laser; He separates what isn't freely given. I want to LOVE without holding back or being concerned of someone else while they sort through their own stuff. [I'm] asking for more in this next season!"

-- Julie, TX

"The Lord really spoke to me through the idea of reciprocity and how our minds keep tally even when we're really not meaning to at times. Just today I had a financial business decision to make and as I was praying the Lord prompted me with, "Did you freely give it?" My answer was yes and I realized I couldn't mark something on my ledger as a receivable because I had freely given it. It really helped me put the decision / situation to rest without the disappointment expectations of receiving something in return would have brought. All the discussions really brought to light how much I let expectations rob me of my joy and turn my focus off of Him. This has realighed my heart and focus."
-- Rita, TX

Duration: 1 month
Price: $36.00