Monday, 09 May 2016
Katie Stuckas, QGC

Katie Stuckas absolutely loves to write! She's been writing since 1988, when she delved out her first poem. She was watching a commercial one evening about starving children, and rhythmical words suddenly grew inside of her. She just had to get them on paper. Since then, her passion for poetry and writing has grown to uninhibited leaps and bounds. She is a commissioned and award-winning poet, having written countless poems for others.

Katie is also a Ghost Writer, Author, and "Your Story" Coach. She has penned a few true-life journeys and several short fiction stories. She loves helping others 'write' their life stories as they live in the present. As a coach, she guides her clients to powerfully choose the narrative their life will tell everyone around them.

In 2009, she and her husband founded Elijah's Rest Ministry, and along with that dream came the vision for a future Elijah's Rest House, both of which are based on relational intercessory prayer for the purpose of rest, renewal, and respite.

Katie's mission is to be a model, scribe, and mouthpiece for God's truth. As "Your Story" Coach, she assists others in embracing that truth by helping them define and refine the narratives of their life from an eternal perspective.

Katie also carries a 30+ year background in nursing. She currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband, Neil, and son, Chaz.


"I knew from the moment Coach Katie gently guided me through some thinking about my thinking that Coach Katie Stuckas, QGC, of Presence Coaching, was more than I had anticipated. In fact, she blew directly to me through Holy Spirit's leading. Each week the prompts were directly related to my intimate struggles and life's challenges or musings from the week prior. How had she known? Much more than ESP, Katie is walking so closely with the Lord that her coaching is heaven-sent. Gentle, yet direct, future writers will revel in her methodology and insight." --Wendy, TX

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