Life Strategies

- a plan or method for achieving something (pertaining to life), especially over a long period of time.

A-MAZE-ing Decision Making Guide-to-Go

A-MAZE-ing Decision Making Guide-to-Go

SKU : A-MAZE-ing_Decision_Making_Guide-to-Go

This is a downloadable mp3 podcast with Tricia Exman. Does it seem a bit elementary to have a guide solely focused on Decision Making? Well, possibly, but let’s see if there are any things about decision making you’ve never considered before.

What is the purpose of making decisions? How can you recognize and measure the effectiveness of your personal decisions? Are you aware there are seven unique decision-making styles? Are you familiar with the blind spots associated with each style? What is the importance of perspectives and fear in the decision-making process? How can you develop a blended-approach for making decisions? If there's anything in that list of questions that would bring new insights for you to this simple skill, let's get started!