HeadshotTricia Exman is a professional leadership and personal transformation coach, mentor, and author. A summa cum laude graduate from The University of Alabama, she spent over 20 years in corporate leadership and executive positions. She has been fortunate to travel the world both for business and pleasure.

All of these roles and experiences were instrumental in fine-tuning the talents within her while differentiating what satisfied and what brought a flatness to her life. Tricia understands the flatness was a result of not being fully connected to what was most authentic for her. She also realizes that she is not alone in this experience. She is passionate about guiding others into a more authentic place - a place to shake off the dirt of compromise and conformance that has buried destinies in a mass graveyard. She is intent on resurrecting those destinies to life for as many people as possible.

Tricia has spent ther post-corporate years on her own deeper spiritual journey; along the way, combining her broad business background with her passion as a springboard into entrepreneurship. Her credentials include Professional Certified, Executive Certified and Professional Path Certified Coach, and an accreditation in Emotional Intelligence. She also holds certifications directly relevant to personality, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership development including Path Elements Profile (PEP), Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Personal Strengths (SDI), EI360 Assessments (IHHP), and Leadership Development and Training (DDI). She is the author of ten books on transformation and spiritual growth. Tricia also served as a Founding Member of the Lifeforming Institute's Ambassador Alliance. To learn more about professional leadership coaching and developent, visit Tricia Exman Coaching.

Whether coaching, writing, speaking, or creating content and development tools, Tricia is focused on inviting and guiding people into recovering all the intended possibilities for their life.

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