Lifeforming Institute Online Courses

Transformational Intelligence

Transformational Intelligence 1 370x233

Learn to honor and value each person's unique, intelligent contribution. Discover how you are intelligent in new arenas. Giving the gift of honor is key to experiencing the favor of God in our lives. This course gives 7 assessment "wheels" to enable the participant to see improvement over blind spots that will result in an "atmosphere shift" with those we live and work with. The book developed from this dynamic teaching is used in schools and by business leaders in numerous countries.

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Real Talk

real talk 370x233

Experience and learn the proven principles of opening up minds and hearts in personal and group interactions. Real Talk has been presented in multiple countries, languages, and age groups with 5-star ratings. It is the foundation for healthy homes, churches, and workplaces when practiced and applied at key opportunities. It is our most popular course and successful participants can facilitate it for numerous scenarious for increasing the quality of relationships and the culture in which we live and work.

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4-D Discipleship

 4 d discipleship 370x233

Content is the foundation but Context is the key that makes for more and better disciples...the Jesus way! This course combines the 4-D's of Design, Desire, Dream, and Destiny for Discipleship Results that last. This can be combined with any existing materials or models of discipleship or a one-on-one discipleship book can be purchased and used with this model.

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Greenhouse Church

greehouse product 370x233

Greenhouse Church is designed for pastors and business leaders! It will help you understand God's purpose for business, how to make the church a nurturing place for business, how to create an economic engine for kingdom advancement, the role of business in holistic community transformation and in sustaining revival.

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The Dreamfire Experience

Dreamfire1 370x233

We want the whole world to know the power of unlocking your Dreams: The Intersection of Purpose and Passion. The Dreamfire Experience is a highly effective discovery and visual process. The course and your follow-through process intentionally ignites the powerful combination of passion and purpose. Along with your follow-through, this unique process will foster a community of 'dreams' and provide you the support, encouragement and accountability needed for success. Request to join the private Facebook group Dreamfire Mastermind Group. You can also gather a small group by individually purchasing the course and experience the powerful discussion questions together to deepen your learning and accelerate your progress.

This course is a reflective discovery experience for people motivated to live their lives on purpose. The presenter in the videos will model the process by demonstration, illustration, and activation. The activations are in your Dreamfire Experience Workbook which is downloadable. Take your time between videos, or even pause the video and engage the process through these activations as you move through the sessions.

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2 Course Bundle

Transformational Intelligence 1 370x233    real talk 370x233

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3 Course Bundle

Transformational Intelligence 1 370x233    real talk 370x233    4 d discipleship 370x233

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Interpersonal Peacemaking / Coaching Conflict Resolutions Presenter

interpersonal peacemaking lifeforming 370x233

Peacemaking through Courageous Conflict Resolution. "Without conflict we can never truly develop intimacy." That is a powerful statement and probably not what you think of when you think of conflict. This course will expand your concept of what conflict is and why it is necessary and beneficial. You will learn about different types of conflict and how to engage conflict in new and productive ways. Resolution is possible. These keys to understanding and engaging conflict have resulted in successful conflict resolution within organizations, personal relationships and families.

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 7 Mountains Coaching

7mountainscoaching 800x500 370x233

In key areas of our vocation, 7M coaching is what today's leaders are looking for - a coaching dynamic that calls forth their design, challenges them to go deeper and reach higher, and help them stay focused on fulfilling their Kingdom purpose in the marketplace. 7M Coaching can better equip you to train, coach, and/or lead in the seven mountains of vocational life:

Business       Education       Government       Media       Arts/Entertainment       Family       Non-Profit Sector

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Transformational Coaching Certificate

ctc 1

Includes Transformational Intelligence, Real Talk, and 7 Mountains Coaching (get one course free).

The CTC Track is an in-depth, online program designed for those who desire to use a Bibilcally based coaching process either as a professional coach or professionally in their current role. The classes employ a combination of video presentations, exercises, practice in your real world relationships and the opportunity for personal transformation. You will receive a firm foundation in the theology of coaching and the coaching paradigm. You will also be introduced to a surprising variety of coaching skills and techniques you can begin to practice right away!

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 Accelerated Coach Training

act product 370x233

The ACT Program is an in-depth, 15 week program designed for those who desire to use competencies either as a professional coach or professionally in their current role. It employs a combination of two 2-day workshops, eight group sessions, eight personal coaching sessions with a peer coach and/or coach trainer, as well as working with a client, for a thoroughly experiential coach training process which also creates personal transformation in the lives of the trainees.

ACT training uses a live virtual format. You will work with a Trainer, a cohort peer, online resources and personal study with exercises. Trainees do not need to travel, you only need to have access to a computer and long distance calling.

Your training experience prepares you to replicate sustainable personal change with clients. Individuals' lives are enhanced through Lifeforming coaching values and International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies. Organizational culture shifts when the leaders of an organization experience personal change through Lifeforming coach training and practice these values and competencies within the organization.

Upon successful completiono f the ACT 10.0 you will be a Lifeforming Growth Coach and you will have completed enough Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) needed to apply for your ACC Credential through the International Coaching Federation and/or become an ICF Member. You will also be qualified to present the Lifeforming Real Talk Seminar.

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Authentic Leadership Certification

alp certificate lg

Earn Two Certifications in the Authentic Leaders Program: Accelerated Coach Training (above) & MERIT Profile Advisor. You will learn to maximize the potential of those you serve as a Lifeforming Growth Coach and MERIT Profile Advisor. Using the MERIT Profile, a Charracter Development Report in 10 MAXIMIZERS Principles and using professional coaching compentencies as a Lifeforming Growth Coach, clients can work to becoming the best version of themselves, more productive, engaged, focused and motivated.

MERIT Profile Advisor Certification

The MERIT Profile Advisor certification is a powerful psychometric assessment that enhances the methodologies you will learn and access during the Accelerated Coach Training (ACT).

Your clientsunderstand that in today's competitive workplace environment, it is critical that leadership invest resources that help maximize their human capital assets - people. As a MERIT Profile Advisor (MPA) you will be able to support individuals in developing their Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE). A leader's PLE is rooted in who they are, not what they do, i.e. Character. The MPA certification uses core character-centered coach training and focuses on 10 Character competencies, The MAXIMIZERS. These competencies have been extensively researched and tested and are truly universal personal leadership principles that can be implemented and applied in today's diverse workplace environment. Every human being has a DNA makeup that is comprised of certain Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments (ABC) that are vital to how they maximize their life opportunities - the MAXIMIZERS focus in on these ABC's.

The MPA certification, combined with the internationally accepted core coaching competencies in the ACT will enable you to add value to individuals and organizations giving them the foundation required to be a high performing organization, i.e. an organization that achieves maximum performance and productivity, improving the overall health and stability of hte organization, communities, and families.

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