- the way in which two or more people or groups behave toward and are involved with each other.

Real Talk Guide-to-Go - Part 3: Ask Powerful Questions

Real Talk Guide-to-Go - Part 3: Ask Powerful Questions

SKU : Real-Talk-Guide-to-Go-Part-3

This is a downloadable PDF 20-day workbook with Dr. Joseph Umidi.

Real Talk conversations are transformational conversations that create a real and powerful connection with others on a level that generates breakthroughs, inspires change and enriches your relationships. Real Talk allows us to celebrate each other, instead of merely interacting with each other. And that’s what I want to teach you how to do – to celebrate the divine gift of each other through the power of transformational conversation.

Mastering the principles of Real Talk can help you…

  • Build stronger and more loving relationships with your family.
  • Strengthen your effectiveness in leadership roles.
  • Diffuse conflicts and facilitate effective decision-making in meetings and other group activities.
  • Provoke life-changing breakthroughs in yourself and others, and increase your ability to help others through outreach, mentoring and other supportive roles.

Create and sustain a culture of authenticity, honor and respect in all of your relationships.