- a change into someone or something completely different, or the process by which this happens.

The Habit Champion Guide-to-Go

The Habit Champion Guide-to-Go

SKU : The-Habit-Champion-Guide-to-Go

This is a downloadable PDF with Tricia Exman. In this guide, you will learn to start or change habits like a champ!

In this guide we will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of habits! Habits make life easier. We can start each day with all those things we’ve mastered tucked safely in the background of our thinking, running on autopilot, freeing up space in our brains to do the thinking it needs for that day. However, habits can keep us stuck. Because they are running in the background, we may not even notice them. The longer we’ve had them, the deeper the grooves they’ve worn in our brain and the more comfortable we are with them. They become second nature to us. And if we’re being totally honest, some of our habits are just not good for us or others.

Grab this guide and take the initiative to become a Habit Champion! Starting something new in your life is such a powerful, decisive move toward a different future!