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For most of us, rest seems fleeting and something we occasionally “take” for ourselves. Somehow we know, at the core of our being, a deeper rest exists that seems to evade us, yet we long for it. I am thrilled to introduce you to "The EdenQuest Life.” Come take that journey to ultimate rest with me!

The EdenQuest Life combines "Twisted Truths" and a series of 21 EdenQuest Coaching Videos to guide your personal, self-directed journey, or for you to start an EdenQuest Group study. Let's get started!

Twisted Truths



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If you are holding this book, chances are you desire significant and lasting change in one or more areas of your life, the life of someone you care about, or the world around you. How do you do that? Why does history repeat itself—both our personal histories and that of our societies? If all our best efforts at creating change seem to land us in the same place over and over again, then what is transformation, really? Read More
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EdenQuest Coaching Videos