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Coach (PCC, ECC, PPCC)
 • Communicator

20+ years as a corporate leader

13+ years as a Professional Coach and entrepreneur

Supported start-up to Fortune 50 leaders

My passion is seeing individuals and organizations thrive by supporting Mid to Senior Level Leaders in their leadership journey.  I focus on areas such as communication, decision making, coaching skills, cultural awareness, time management, emotional intelligence, strategy, influence, leadership effectiveness, productivity, and mindset.

I offer over 20 years of corporate experience for the benefit of my clients’ professional journey. Leveraging a powerful blend of leadership expertise, emotional and social intelligence, and coaching, I work with clients to sharpen their focus, set their direction, and take action.  By asking thought-provoking questions and leveraging my practical, real-world experience, I am a “thought partner” to help clients gain clarity, adjust thinking, and develop effective strategies to create positive and measurable movement in their lives.

My corporate experience included my own leadership journey into executive-level roles in Operations, Project Management, and Leadership Development.  I have supported startups to Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, and high-tech. I have experience with a global workforce and matrixed organizational structures, virtual teams, and remote working.

In my free time, you will find me out for a hike, enjoying a quiet dinner with friends, or sipping a robust cup of coffee with a good book.



Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Effectiveness



20+ years of corporate leadership experience
13+ years as a Professional Coach and entrepreneur
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) / International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Executive Coach Certification (ECC)
Professional Path Coach Certification (PPCC)
EI360: EQ Accredited Facilitator / Coach and 360 Assessments
DDI Certified as a Leadership Development Facilitator / Targeted Selection Trainer
Meyers Briggs (MBTI) Certified Practitioner
Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Assessment
Learning Communications: Workplace Diversity / Cultural Awareness Facilitator
SDI Qualified: Personal Strengths
Path Institute: The Elemental Leader / The Path Leader / Path Element Profile (PEP) Assessments.





I love helping people discover, excavate, and share the treasures inside of them because the world longs for authentic life.



It’s amazing when people realize there’s more available for their storyline and learn how to access it.



It’s important to me that I walk worthy of the gift and the Giver of Life (Ephesians 4:1-3). Eternity is the proper focus.

Inspiring Action With Wisdom


Informed by Wisdom, I partner with clients to sharpen their focus, set their direction, and take action in their lives. As a coach, I am passionate about helping others shake the dirt of conformance and compromise off of their feet and flourish in the deeply seeded purpose planted inside them. I do not do this in a vacuum of theory and information, but from my own experience of exchanging an old life for a new one. I know the challenges that will be faced. I understand the struggle to persevere. I recognize when focus needs to be realigned. I am aware of distractions that come to change the course. I hold my clients' values, aspirations, and legacy as a sacred trust, and remind them when they are too weary to remember themselves.

Individuals, families, relationships, ministries, and businesses have all benefited from the focused work they've undertaken with my coaching.

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